Vanessa McGowan is a New Zealand born upright and electric bassist, vocalist and session musician currently based in Nashville Tennessee.

Living in Nashville TN since 2014, Vanessa tours with Grammy winners Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles, nominated artist Brandy Clark, Sarah Potenza, her own band Tattletale Saints, and performs and records with a wide variety of other Nashville based artists and bands.

Her primary touring setup includes a Chadwick Folding Bass and she is an endorser of D’Addario stringsFender bass guitarsAguilar Amps, JH Audio, and Fishman, using their Full Circle pick-up on her upright basses and the Platinum Pro-EQ DI.

Vanessa formed Tattletale Saints with acclaimed New Zealand songwriter Cy Winstanley in 2012 and the now Nashville based band won the NZ Music Award for Folk in 2014 for their debut album How Red Is the Blood, produced by Grammy award winner Tim O’Brien.

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